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Affordable AZ Extended Retreat Sabbaticals

AWAKENING SPIRIT silent retreat center starts affordable extended retreat and long term sabbaticals Nov 14, 2016. Solitary cabin hermitages--with kitchen, bath and deck--offer quiet solitude, great privacy, and mountain forest views. Extended sabbatical retreats--with suggested contributions discounted 50% (4 week min)--can now be reserved from mid-Nov to mid-March.

A music video invitation to Awakening Spirit hermitage retreat center features Kirtana's "If I Could Give You Anything," and it is my way to share many blessings given to me.

The video highlights the hilltop hermitage cabins, the panoramic views and privacy each offers, and the elk herd, white tail deer, and hawks that are retreat companions.

Extended retreat guests take advantage of the deep silence and mild winters that Awakening Spirit silent retreat center offers. Sunshine and 50s highs are typical, and tourists are back to work. The solitude nurtures the heart and warms the soul, and Sky Dancer's wood stove adds to the joyful freedom and abiding peace. Winter silence is perfect for advanced Buddhist solitary meditation or creative writing, and Awakening Spirit is where AZ forest wildlife share your personal silent retreat.

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