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Spiritual awakening Self-awareness retreat


AWAKENING SPIRIT silent retreat center offers individual cabins for solo yoga, women's getaway retreats, awakening self-awareness, spiritual healing, recovery and renewal. Since many personal retreats were spiritual healing and self-realization, Awakening Spirit seemed a good name.

Awakening Spirit captures my heart in a way other names did not. It reminds me of who I really am ...when not identified with my ideas and sense of personal self. When I can witness my personality and points of view, I awaken to an awareness of a truer nature that is much more than just "me."

During extended stays in India and then hosting guests, I was inspired by the deep yearning I found in so many beautiful souls. When blessed with a sacred hilltop home site, I decided to create a safe refuge and peaceful retreat sanctuary for those wanting to discover their authentic self and be free.

Self-discovery is why guests often choose to come on a solitary retreat. Through silent meditation and solo yoga retreats, guests take time away from daily lives and focus their attention on discovering what often seems to be missing--a real connection with who they are and what they really want.

Guests sometimes come to hike forest lakes or the red rocks of Sedona, but during a nature retreat, they often find more than quiet solitude and great trails. Sometimes they discover an inward path that leads them directly into "present moment awareness." In those precious moments, we glimpse into the mystery of our oneness with everything and everyone.

When we are able to catch those beautiful glimpses, we naturally let go of old ideas about our self and the people and world around us. When spirit awakens us to a timeless truth beyond our personal ways of seeing, we experience a joy and peace that is who we really are. We then naturally extend a compassion and unconditional loving to our self and others.

So, whether you are looking for simple solitude or wanting to awaken to your authentic being, Awakening Spirit personal retreat center offers a private hermitage cabin, panoramic views, and a "Silence of the Heart" solo retreat experience. You can take it back home and live each day in your own awakening spirit retreat of contentment and peace.

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