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SAFE REFUGE   Forest Cabins

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Calling 12 ANGELS  welcome

AWAKENING SPIRIT is a spiritual retreat center--Three studio cabins and my cabin on forest hilltop near Sedona 

HEALING HEART is a safe healing community--Adjacent log cabins & planned homes for healing transformation

LOCATION Pine AZ (pop. 2K, elev. 5500ft)--90 mins to Phoenix, Sedona and Flagstaff, below the Mogollon Rim.

CLIMATE 300 days sunshine, mild year-around (winter: 50s 20s, summers: 90s 60s) shaded by tall Ponderosas.

PROPERTY DESCRIPTION Residential neighborhood hilltop, panoramic views, short walks to Nat'l Forest or town, guest and owner's cabins, planned group homes, waterfalls, pond, meditation benches, trails, and wildlife friends.


IMPROVEMENTS Six guest log cabins (2 2-bdrm, 4 studios) owner cabin, year-round access, underground utilities, WIFI & cell services, plans for 3 group homes and visions of assisted living, organic gardening & natural elk healing.

AWARE  Eldercare
 Independent & Supported Living


HEALING HEART is a silent yoga soul sanctuary--Three log cabins nestled on a forest hilltop with panoramic views and short walks to nearby mountain town or surrounding national forest with quiet meadow ponds.

HEALING HEART is a safe refuge for soul healing--Nurtured in nature, shared with wildlife companions, kind souls support gentle healing recoveries from spiritual heartbreak, loss, soul trauma and abuse.

HEALING HEART is a yoga village of soul companions who share their experience, strength, and open hearts with each other in deepening self love and awakening Self awareness.

HEALING HEART is a quiet forest healing environment that offers mild year-around climate, clear blue skies, tall Ponderosa pines, soaring birds, elk and deer ...and a quiet place to ease into loving who you really are.

HEALING HEART is a secure and affordable lifestyle that offers a natural healing alternative to costly commutes, stressful work, spiritual heartbreak, and fears that things might never get better.

LOG HERMITAGES Private Safe Views

KITCHEN bath  -  VIEW windows  -  QUIET solitude  -  CABIN cell wifi

heart cave hermitage

HEART CAVE-Budget studio large windows, shower bath, hotplate, micro, double bed

$800/mo   $160,000 purchase*

hermitage retreat cabin
couples retreat cabin
hermitage retreat cabin
retreat cabin kitchen
mountain retreat hermitage

ELK SPIRIT--Spacious studio, wood stove, full bath, oven, log furniture, queen bed, big views

$1000/mo    $200,000 purchase*

Healing Heart safe haven
Healing Heart soul recovery
Healing Heart tiny house cabin
Soul sanctuary Tiny House
Tiny House spiritual retreats

MOONGLOW--Falls 2 bedroom wood stove, full bath, oven, stacked laundry, queen bed

$1200/mo   $240,000 purchase*

AZ yoga community
Tiny House mountain views
Recovery nurtured by nature
Tiny House retreat community
Healing Heart forest refuge

SUNRISE--View 2 bedroom, wood stove, full bath, oven, stacked laundry, queen bed

$1400/mo   $280,000 purchase*

*NOTE: 2ND & RETIREMENT HOMES: Lifetime purchase priced with 1%/year DISCOUNTS over age 65 (Assisted Living options also envisioned)

MONTHLY Offering - LIVING in NOW - Nurturing in NATURE



SOUL SANCTUARY   Financial Security, Natural Healing, Quiet Joy

SECURITY -- PRIVATE HILLTOP SANCTUARY nestled among tall Ponderosa pines, cradled under desert blue skies, hidden at top end of a private drive, with a quiet, mile-walk to Pine AZ town center (pop. 2K, el. 5500 ft)

AMENITIES--ACRES of TRAILS, SWINGS, BENCHES, indoor/outdoor games, spirit companions (elk, deer, hawk, orbs, portals) silent yoga, compassionate self inquiry, panoramic views, wifi & cell, open-hearted healing friends

BEING FREE  Simple, Natural, Direct

AZ ponderosa forest hideaway

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angel visions

COMPASSIONATE Self Inquiry: WHO Am I? - WHAT's Real? - WHERE's Truth?

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MISSION IMPOSSIBLE IT BEGAN as a vision of 12 retreat centers and 12 centers of awareness. I accepted a mission to facilitate co-creation in 3 years. Winter solstice 2019 was my do-or-die date. 'I' tried my hardest, seemed to fail and yet was graced with a 2nd Chance to realize who 'I' is and what is real. 

2030 VISION IT UNFOLDS as delightful dreams ...and always surprises with magical moments. IT MANIFESTS soul-aware eldercare and wild-woman wisdom--born of Mother's love and nurtured in nature. IT HEALS in compassionate self-inquiry, loving self awareness, and silent yoga ...nurturing in nature.

2050 GLIMPSE IT IS chaotic acceleration and fearless faith in caring connection. IT GROWS as sacred yogic union of motion within stillness, of sounds in silence, and it emerges eternally

in LOVE and LIGHT.      bodhi heart, July 2021

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Being ALIVE  -  Feeling FREE  -  Opening HEARTS - Awakening SOULS

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Ready to Start?     APPLICATION INVITATION    Explore  Heart Openings

1. WATCH VIDEOS, listen to your Heart  HELP us LISTEN & honor your struggle

2. INQUIRE WITHIN, feel your stillness  GLIMPSE who YOU are & what you want

3. EMAIL THE SOUL, experience your self  SHARE your pain, truth and DREAMS

4. REQUEST SEVA, choose your contribution ASK questions, REQUEST dates

5. MAKE RESERVATION, pay registration fee $100/wk for cabin GUARANTEE

Compassionate SOUL HEALING - Sabbatical & 2nd-Home OPTIONS

* ANGEL Retreats: 8-12 week, safe refuge and release DISCOVERING  true self

* SEVA Healing Sabbaticals: 8-12 week compassionate HEALING  self-inquiry

* TRUE Creative Soul Play: 3-6 month nature inspired SELF-LOVING  fun 

* SEASONAL 2nd Homes: Quarterly & semi-annual, SACRED  forest solitude

* SAFE Retirement Home: Lifetime security, COMPASSIONATE  trusted friends

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