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Personal SILENT retreats 

soul trauma healing recovery, awakening transformation

silent yoga, hiking, soul journeys, sabbaticals, vision quests

SILENT YOGA  Retreats  

Personal Retreat Center

SILENT YOGA is a personal silent retreat experience for singles and couples.  A silent yoga retreat offers safe refuge and solitude, not schedules or stress. Retreats are self-guided soul journeys--chances to stretch new ways, explore inner mysteries, hike magical trails, and gently heal in nature. SCROLL DOWN to see self-guided retreat video ideas.
AWAKENING SPIRIT is a hermitage retreat center with affordable cabins for solo yoga, silent meditation, soul healing or spiritual awakening. It shares a private hilltop with Healing Heart sanctuary,, a safe refuge for recovery from abuse, heartbreak, and loss. Choose your dates and cabin ...and follow your heart instead of a schedule.

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'Hike & Heal' Yoga Getaways

AWAKENING SPIRIT is a personal silent retreat center for solo or couples that prefer a private log cabin hermitage to group activities. Retreats are self-guided chances to follow your Heart and start Monday afternoons except for 3-nite Fri-Mon yoga weekends.  
Choose either Yoga Holiday: Weekdays (M-F) or Weekends (F-M) Find your natural balance of yoga, solitude, relaxing & healing hiking
Include Fossil Creek Falls and Pools or Tonto Natural Bridge Park  
4-night (Mon-Fri) WEEKDAY Solitude
3-night (Fri-Mon) Sedona WEEKEND
Guaranteed Reservations: $100/person non-refundable booking fees  Suggested Cash Contribution: $200 cash on arrival (given to helpers) 

N/A - Old Retreats NOT available during covid19

'Trauma Tao'   Soul Journeys

Explore magical mysteries in tall Ponderosa Pine forests and  dive into Fossil Springs pools rising from inside Mother Earth. Discover pristine lakes, remote majesty of Canyon de Chelly and Monument Valley. Honor Great Spirit with Hopi in AZ.

'Silent Yoga'   Vision Quests

"Great Spirit, I have had it. Bring me back to the nomadic way of weaving through the damage, mindful, stay mindful.


Great Spirit. I must speak to you more often. Great Spirit, on my tongue, be still, be still, a time will come everyone will sing 'All Life is Sacred."    ("Great Spirit" lyrics by Nahko Bear)

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NOTE: Awakening Spirit formerly named Spirit Skies 

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'Silent Yoga' Healing Meditation 

Silent Yoga--silent meditation and personal yoga--is a way to follow your Heart on retreat and be at ease with what is.
Personal hermitage retreats offer a safe space for profound healing. Abuse, loss, cultural wounding, and spiritual heart break can be overwhelming, leaving a hopeless helplessness feeling.

Affordable Yoga   Seva Work Exchanges

2-week minimum indoor, outdoor seva choices
Contemplate Choices seasonal, long-term stays
Stretch Your Limits open your heart 
 indoor, outdoor seva choices

Budget Sabbaticals 2nd Chance retreats

4 weeks for 2 suggested week contributions
Stay longer, dive deeper, create more joy
SEVA pre-arranged exchanges to lower cash
more IDEAS

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Healing Heart 

Soul Sanctuary trauma recovery

Quiet & Safe Hilltop Refuge
Seasonal, Year-round Stays
Like-Hearted Soul Community
Healing Support Loving Kindness
Sustainable Life SEVA Exchanges
Heart Welcome to Incoming Souls


Perhaps it's time to listen to the Hopi Elders. They say NOW IS A GOOD TIME to consider ways to live in Truth. Truth is known as "simple, natural, and direct ...with a fragrance of freshness."  It is That which never changes ...and it's prior to every thing. It may also be time to welcome incoming souls.

Life-Transforming  Soul-Healing  Heart-Awakening

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