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Spirit on the Move - MELISSA MOTOLA
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Note: Spirit Skies renamed Awakening Spirit

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Heart  INQUIRY :  Who Am I?

"There's an awareness behind our fear. There's an awareness behind our desire. There's an awareness & if we strengthen our connection with that  awareness, our life has changed. A spiritual journey is to rediscover the truth of who we are. 

Spend some time every day with who you are. See feelings come up when you do.  See what we're running from. See what you're trying to hide from."   Russel Brand

At 70, I discovered I'd been living a profoundly traumatized life since shortly after birth ...and long before this life's incarnation. Now, I'm glimpsing a Grace in pain, finding faith in growing awareness of inner Love and Light, and realizing a Truth in 'I' as an unfolding freshness and natural inner peace.

bodhi heart,  an old dream weaver, now calling for heart healing

What is my  CALLING :  Loving Kindness
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