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Your retreat inquiry receives personal attention. Whether you want a silent solitary retreat, or an extended sabbatical retreat, I will be happy to help. Besides information about the hermitage cabins and dates available, I am happy to answer questions and be of service. Please email with dates and solitary hermitage choices and share your individual retreat preferences. 

In love and light, bodhi heart

Guaranteed  Reservations

Emailed confirmations

Reservations guaranteed with a $100/week non-refundable booking fee per person that reserves your cabin time slot(s). In addition to non-refundable fee, a cash contribution is requested on arrival and given to workers.  Click RECHECK for suggested amounts. 

Pre-CV19 Personal Hermitage Experiences and Reviews

"Of all the wonderful retreat places I have visited, the private hermitage at Awakening Spirit is my favorite. The elk are almost a daily treat to see. The stillness and sounds of nature are sublime"~George M

"The ground felt sacred....  I have been to Bali, Maui and lots of other places for spiritual retreats before but Awakening Spirit will now be my go to place to reconnect with myself and God. ~ Jeff H


"I traveled from Ireland to spend 6 weeks. The retreat experience is an open canvas that one can shape in whatever way spirit seeks." ~ Oonagh C

"The peace and stillness permeates ...and there are many spots for contemplation, meditation, or just thawing out.   The elk are amazing and powerful.  To watch such wild and wonderful creatures from the deck or cabin is soul touching." ~ Sarah H 

"This retreat was life changing. Time did not seem to exist while I was there. Bodhi gave generously of his time to help guide me in my purpose"     ~ Michelle B


"A gentle guide, an open heart, a place to find spirit and self. Bodhi Heart offers his land, his haven, his being to those who come to find peace in a fractured world. It is exactly what you make it ...and it is beautiful."~Maggie D

"What started out to be a week of pure solitude ended up being a time when I wished for gentle connectedness. Bodhi’s friendship was a gift.  I didn’t just stay at Spirit; I brought it home with me." ~ Dawn D

"Bodhi Heart supported my process and fearless intention with integrity. He mirrored my spirit and helped me to release some fears and illusions and have a deeper experience of my true self."  ~ Grace K

Silent Yoga retreat host

During a 20-year journey of self-inquiry and discovery, with several extended trips to India, Bodhi Heart was blessed with wise masters like Robert Adams ("Silence of the Heart") and Sri Ganesan, lineage bearer of Ramana Maharshi.  Many others, like Gangaji and Mooji, have added their blessings through retreats or in India.

In 2005, Bodhi returned to Southwest US. He glimpsed nothing more was needed and nothing could be lost. In 2010 Spirit Falls retreat was created and two years later, he was guided again--to create nearby Awakening Spirit retreat. In 2018, Healing Heart Sanctuary began to unfold.  As on-site host, Bodhi shares his homesite with like-hearted souls on their own journeys of personal healing recovery, self-discovery and awakening awareness.

Awakening Spirit retreat

POB #1386

Pine AZ 85544-1386

Hours: 5am-5pm AZ time

bodhi heart

individual Hermitage retreat planning

Please Schedule your Arrival Time

ARRIVAL TIME - Please schedule early afternoon arrival with me. Retreats begin Mondays when cleaning is done between guests.

WHAT TO BRING - Bring your favorite foods, a good flashlight, inside slip-on and outside forest footwear, plus layered clothing for Arizona mountain country cool mornings and warm afternoons.

SUPPLIES - Tap water is suitable for many guests.  Limited organic foods available 20 miles away in Payson.  Pine town center is about a mile walk, and has a laundry and library, a market with fresh bakery, deli and diners, herb, honey, and thrift stores.

WIFI & ROOM SERVICE - Room service is provided on Monday mornings which includes towels and sheets. Reliable WIFI and good Verizon and AT&T cell service are available in each of the cabins.

​HOST SERVICES - Bodhi Heart lives on-site. He is happy to hold space and to also provide support whenever requested.

​DAY TRIPS - Sedona is 1-1/2 hour drive and full day touring; Fossil Springs is a 5 mile drive and full day of hiking and swimming. 

The Grand Canyon is 2-1/2 hour drive.  Nearby Tonto Natural Bridge SP offers great hiking and Mogollon Rim has scenic lakes.

PETS & VISITORS - To respect other guests--and the elk and deer that were here first--guests are asked to not bring their pet companions and to request prior approval for visitors.

DRUGS, ALCOHOL, & SMOKING - Guests are asked to limit use to prescriptions, plants, and spiritual practices. Smoking and outdoor fires are not permitted on retreat property due to forest fire hazards