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Spirit on the Move - MELISSA MOTOLA
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50% OFF for 8-10 week  ANGEL Sabbaticals

ANGEL sabbaticals (8-week min)

AWAKENING SPIRIT is shifting to a soul trauma recovery and heart healing retreat center with 6 log cabins and three future group homes. Angel help is needed and ANGEL stays are times to heal and grow, and funds are used for Healing Heart. Suggested contributions for 8-week minimums are 50% less.

HERO  R&R's  (prepaid  2-4 weeks)

100% OFF for health and elder-care workers

HERO CONTRIBUTIONS are PREPAID in gratitude for the heroic services of frontline nurse, tribal, and elder-care workers


ALL STAYS are reserved with $100/week non-refundable booking registration to guarantee individual hermitages.

This is the only charge. Suggested ANGEL contributions prepay 2-4 week HEROES R&R for healthcare HEROES.

       Budget  Waterfalls  Choice

        (see cabin photos below)

 Awakening Spirit  Sabbaticals & R&Rs

  50% Suggested CASH Contributions* 

Length of Retreat Stay    

ANGELS 8-week (min)             $1200   $1600   $2000*

HEROES 2-4 week R&R        FREE for healthcare heroes**

  *ANGELS 50% contributions prepay R&R retreats (see above)

**HEROES R&R for ICU, tribal & eldercare workers (Angels prepay)

Healing Heart   seasonal or year-round 

forest sanctuary for soul healing

Healing Heart 

HEALING HEART offers SEASONAL & LONG-TERM stays in two-bedroom TINY HOUSE log cabins, safe secluded forest hilltop, next to Awakening Spirit retreat center. Choices:

ANGEL sabbaticals (8-10 week), seasonal 2nd home (12- 24 week), self-sustaining residential life, safe retirement


Earth Mother - Budget Studio

Personal spiritual retreat center
Solo yoga, silent meditation
Affordable healing fasting retreats
Individual silent retreats
Extended sabbatical retreat center

Earth Mother -- budget studio

Snuggling above the future organic garden, Earth Mother offers great views and privacy. With small kitchen, shower bath, and double bed, it's an affordable extended retreat cabin.

Guaranteed Reservation Fee:  $100/week

50% Suggested Contribution: $150/week

Elk Spirit - Waterfalls Studio

Solo yoga, silent meditation
hermitage cabin views
Personal healing recovery retreats
Sedona AZ solitude retreat center
Individual meditation retreat center

Elk Spirit -- waterfalls studio

Elk Spirit has Rim views, overlooks the pond waterfalls, and combines panoramic views with great privacy. Queen-size bed, kitchen, shower bath, & secluded outdoor yoga porch.

Guaranteed Reservation Fee:  $100/week

50% Suggested Contribution: $200/week

Sky Dancer - Choice Studio

hermitage retreat cabin
couples retreat cabin
hermitage retreat cabin
retreat cabin kitchen
mountain retreat hermitage

Sky Dancer -- choice partners studio

Spacious studio with corner view windows, wood stove, log furniture, full-size fridge, and kitchen oven. Relaxed living with wood stove, log furniture, recliner, and queen bed. 

Guaranteed Reservation Fee:  $100/week

50% Suggested Contribution: $250/week