Note: Spirit Skies renamed Awakening Spirit

"This I share with you. Grace is here. Space is here."

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"I ASKED for help ...and help came"

"I walked out of my life for this--meaning somewhere in my heart I gave everything.

It's like the dimmer switch of sensitivity was turned up and there's a heightened sense of perception, awareness, like a childish wonder.

This I share​ with you, and Grace is here, and power of God is here.  Space is here. All of it is here. The mind is washed away.

Here's the waking room--not a waiting room--the waking room to the Self.

Some are waking--one by one, two by two, they come. It's happening"      Mooji


Opening Hearts ...Awakening Souls   Compassionate Self Inquiry - Joyful Self Loving

"'s about discovering what already is better, what already is perfect. Not doing it--not resolving to even get it--but discovering it's here in the core of your being, that it is who you are.

When you discover your self, you know what true rest is, true nourishment--freshness. You can turn your attention to what is fresh and untouched and pure and alive, and you can recognize that's who I am."        Gangaji

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Silent Yoga Soul Healing
* Compassionate Self Inquiry * Mindful Moving in Stillness 
* Opening 'Silence of Heart' 
Realizing 'What Is' Real 
* Soul Healing Self Loving 
* Feeling Alive and Fresh
* Awakening the Soul

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Compassionate Self Inquiry:   ...Who Am I?

"There's an awareness behind your fear. There's an awareness behind your desire. There's an awareness and if you strengthen your connection with that  awareness, your life has changed. The spiritual journey is to rediscover the truth of who you are. We should be spending all of our time in a spirit of love.

Spend some time every day with who you are. See feelings come up when you do that. See what it is you're running from. See what you're trying to hide from. You'll see there's nothing but infinite Love, but we have to go through hell to get there."     Russel Brand

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Let's Share  Our Experience                                        Strength & Awakening Hearts

It's been 25 years since my very ordinary lunch. I was washing dishes after noon meal at Raghini's, where westerners avoided hot spices while near Ramana's ashram at Arunachala in south India.

Another American said "I heard you were with Robert Adams" ('Silence of Heart'). Can you tell me his teaching in 25 words or less?"

 ...Until the  End of Time

BEFORE I even heard a question, my voice said "NO ONE HOME." My voice spoke that answer before I heard the question! My search for Truth went deeper and I felt more lost and unworthy. I didn't know how my voice spoke or what NO ONE HOME really meant.  I didn't realize life was a dream and I was being led to weave dreams of soul trauma healing. 


Along this awakening heart path, my Indian guide, Sri Ganesan, grand nephew of Ramana Maharshi, said "Pay attention to Attention. Truth is simple, natural, and direct ...and it carries a sweet fragrance of freshness." 

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...and  Landslide of Love

My discovery at 70 revealed I'd been living a profoundly traumatized life since shortly after birth ...and long before this life's incarnation. Now, I'm glimpsing a Grace in pain, finding faith in a growing awareness of inner Love and Light, and realizing Truth in 'I' as a joy-filled peace in sharing dreams of healing Hearts.


WELCOME. You're invited to share unfolding soul healing, awakening hearts.


bodhi heart,  an old dream weaver, now "Calling 12 Angels"