An Invitation to STOP     If?...  What?...  When?...  Who?...

#1 IF READY to be Free  Choose ACCEPTING


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#2 STRIVING to be Free Choose ALLOWING


#3 iNTENTION to be Free Choosing TRUTH

What if NOTHING is Needed for Freedom?

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#4 WHO is BEING Free NO-ONE Choosing

What if BEING is NO-THING?

MOOJI  PT1 Awakening--It's Happening
"This I share with you, and Grace is here"
"I ASKED for help... 

"It's like the dimmer switch of sensitivity was turned up and there's a heightened sense of perception, awareness, like a childish wonder.

I walked out of my life for this--meaning somewhere in my heart I gave everything.


This I share​ with you, and Grace is here, and power of God is here.  Space is here.

All of it is here. The mind is washed away.

Here's the waking room--not a waiting room--the waking room to the Self. Some are waking. One by one, 2 by 2, they come. It's happening"

MOOJI  PT2 Awakening--It's Happening
"Space is here. All of it is here."
Let's Share Our Experience, Strength and Soul Recovery

It's been 20 years since my very ordinary lunch. I was washing dishes after my noon meal at Raghini's, where westerners often avoided hot spices while near Ramana's ashram at Arunachala in south India.

Another American said "I heard you were with Robert Adams" ('Silence of Heart'). Can you tell me his teaching in 25 words or less?" Before I heard the question, my voice said "NO ONE HOME." My voice spoke an answer before I heard a question! Another search for Truth went deeper and I felt more lost and unworthy than when I began.

Along this 'awakening heart path', my Indian guide, Ganesan, grand nephew and lineage bearer of Ramana Maharshi, said "Truth is simple, natural, direct...and it carries the sweet fragrance of freshness." 


I didn't 'know' what my voice spoke, and what "No-One-Home" really meant. I didn't realize that life was a dream, and I was being led to weave dreams.  WELCOME home--come help us weave dreams. 


bodhi heart, dream weaver

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