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Don't You Remember?

Before the heavens were made and all the stars were placed, we were one inside God's own heart. Don't you remember? 

Do  you remember how we wondered how it would be to walk on this great earth? How many times we passed by each other on this lonely planet, asleep to our true  selves and our home.

Oh Beloved, wake up, wake up, wake up.   mooji.org

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KARUNA    The Calling
Remember  ...You Are Before

This life is a dream. It'll be over in the blink of an eye.  Remember who you are, remember what you are.

Whose life is this? Whose hands are these? Whose voice is this? What am I? This life is beautiful. This life is horrible. This life is wonderful. And this life is just a dream--a dream made of love.

Remember you are before, before everything.        mooji.org

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OMKARA    Remember


12-Step RECOVERY   Self-Aware LIVING   Spiritual AWAKENING

Three video series are embedded in the Awakening Spirit retreat and Healing Heart sanctuary websites.


Videos are offered by music masters and caring souls to share this Awakening Heart path of being truly authentic, living free, at ease with what is. 

These videos were selected to support soul recovery, spiritual awakening, and like-hearted sharing.


Permissions are being requested for the non-profit use of these music and teaching videos.  Please contact bodhi heart at bodhiheart.com if a request was not made.



Three video series are embedded in two retreat websites. The RECOVERY videos offer a 'soul recovery' path based on the 12-steps and shared by music masters. 


LIVING in peace, BEING at EASE

The LightPortal videos present mystical portals to open-hearted recovery living. The LIVING videos are true glimpses of being free of fears, at ease with what is.


LOVING your self, being FREE to BE

The SilentYoga videos expand awareness into living free and simply loving what is. Silent Yoga stretches our willingness to trust others and explore life's mysteries.

World's on Fire  &  Help is Needed

"Hearts are worn in these dark ages. You're not alone in this story's pages. Hearts break, hearts mend. Love still hurts. Visions clash, planes crash.

The world's on fire and it's more than I can handle. I dive into the water--I try to bring my share. I try to bring more, more than I can handle--bring it to the table, bring what I am able."

Step ONE - HONESTLY ADMIT help is needed

Denial is depressing  Admitting is relieving  Forgiveness is freeing

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Sarah McLachlan Robbie Robertson - World on Fire


We all need help, and honestly admitting it, is the first step in recovery from loss, abuse, addiction, and depression. 12-Step Recovery is a proven way out of hopeless helplessness, and a path toward recovery--to being at ease and accepting what is.


It only takes ONE ...because we are not alone. When we care about each other, nothing else really matters. The 12-Steps have helped millions to realize how we can choose Love and let go of fear.

When we discover that we are not alone, we realize help is available.

When we ask for help, then we become part of the power of ONE.

For me, the POWER of ONE is most apparent as HEART POWER.  It's felt as authenticity and expressed as compassionate caring.


bodhi heart, retreat owner

Step TWO - CAME to BELIEVE in a higher power

Help comes when we ask. Praying and being open is less suffering



"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is now our time, our God-given right for something better. It's time to shape our vision into reality ...to let one light shine"   (Words from Power of One video)

MOOJI  PT1 Awakening--It's Happening
"This I share with you, and Grace is here"
"I ASKED for help... 

"It's like the dimmer switch of sensitivity was turned up and there's a heightened sense of perception, awareness, like a childish wonder.

I walked out of my life for this--meaning somewhere in my heart I gave everything.


"This I share​ with you, and Grace is here, and power of God is here.  Space is here.

All of it is here. The mind is washed away."

Here's the waking room--not the waiting room--the waking room to the self. Some are waking. One by one, 2 by 2, they come. It's happening"

Words of Mooji.    Link to mooji.org
MOOJI  PT2 Awakening--It's Happening
"I include everybody..."
Ring the Bells...               
       That Still Can Ring

"The birds they sing at the break of day. Start again I heard them say.  Don't dwell on what has past away, or what is yet to be. 

Ring the bells that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in


Every heart to love will come ..but like a refugee."

Step FOUR - REVIEW Life's Ways   

Describe life problems, causes Write list of past fears and current challenges. Notice how each feels, what seems needed



"Life is a journey.  It can only be understood backwards but it must be lived forwards. There's a time to laugh and a time to cry, a time to dance and a time to hide, 

a time for pleasure and a time for pain, a time to seek and a time to lose, a time to be born and a time to die."

At times life doesn't make sense. It seems to be cruel and meaningless ...perhaps a mistake. Maybe reality is an illusion because what we believe determines what is real and what is not.

The real trouble is we think we need to know, we think we need to understand. Sometimes you just have to let go. You don't have to know the destination. So for now, laugh at the confusion and smile through the tears.

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...THE END  of the beginning 

"Life is a journey.  It can only be understood backwards but it must be lived forwards." TJOP

"Find your medicine and use it. This is how I focus knowing it's not hopeless. Musical medicine this is my healing for past and present, future things to come." Nahko, Medicine for the People

"By not moving in the slightest from the pain of spiritual heart break, you can at last glimpse what is really here, who you really are" Gangaji 


"Then you will discover that the longing itself carries you to the core of yourself  where true peace and perfection are revealed to be never separate from the Truth of who You are." Gangaji

The TRUE LOVE - David Whyte
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GANGAJI   "Disillusionment is a direct invitation into what we long for"

Step Twelve - INQUIRE and SHARE 

GANGAJI    "The most basic question is 'Who Am I ...REALLY?"
ROBERT ADAMS "Everything You want to be ...YOU ALREADY ARE"