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Thanks KIRTANA - You lead us  all Home -

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WELCOME to this sacred sanctuary--designed to share with others seeking safe refuge and nature's solitude.

It supports a forest awakening retreat and a place for empowerment after abuse, addiction, loss, stress and trauma.

AWAKENING SPIRIT is a hilltop refuge--Three guest log cabins on a forest hilltop near Sedona 

HEALING HEART's a forest sanctuary--Nearby 2-bedroom view cabins invite healing transformation

FIND YOUR WAY HOME--to who you really are and what you really want--to sacred, awake awareness that naturally nurtures feeling safe and at ease in each precious moment ...before loss, trauma and fear were too much.


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Calling 12 Angels
AUTUMN update 9/21/23

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 --- To UNITE in yoga community

  --- To CREATE and sing together

  --- To HEAL one another

  --- To HELP and pray for all

  --- To CARE with open hearts

  --- To BE ONE in Love and Light 

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 Answering Call With YOUR  Dreams, Experience, Heartbreak, & Healing

MANAGING PARTNER, CO-FOUNDERS  Help Love find new ways - Leaders & Lovers invited

SOUL HEALERS, CARE GIVERS  Self-loving, yoga uniting, soul healing & heart awakening

NEW CONSTRUCTION Eldercare view homes

MAINTENANCE  Care-taking or trail-building


Explore SOUL Healing - Being True, Being You

FIND JOY & PEACE In open-hearted yoga union

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