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Thanks KIRTANA - You lead us  all Home -

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WELCOME to my home

WELCOME to my mountain home--designed to share with others seeking safe refuge and nature's solitude. It's offered as a forest sabbatical retreat and a place to recover from abuse, addiction, loss, stress and trauma.

AWAKENING SPIRIT is a hilltop refuge--Three guest log cabins on a forest hilltop near Sedona 

HEALING HEART's a forest sanctuary--Nearby 2-bedroom view cabins invite healing transformation

COVID-19 UPDATE I've retired, and Awakening Spirit now offers 2 options: 50% OFF for ANGEL stays (8 week min) or 100% OFF for HEROES R&R for frontline healthcare and eldercare heroes (2-4 weeks self-loving freedom)

FIND YOUR WAY HOME--to who you really are and what you really want--to sacred, awake awareness that naturally nurtures feeling safe and at ease in each precious moment ...before loss, trauma and fear were too much.

PLEASE WATCH WEBSITE VIDEOS before emailing.  Music master spirit guides help us to be at ease with who we are, and with what already is. We're all worth it. WE CAN ALL HELP each other in quiet self-aware living.

AZ silent retreat center host

  bodhi heart   dream weaver 

Support HELP WANTED - see below

BE WELCOME HERE - Peter Makena
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Private Hermitages  kitchen, bath, views, wifi

Awakening Spirit is an AZ forest retreat center that offers safe refuge for personal healing, silent yoga, and "nurturing in nature."

Hidden on a hilltop one mile from town and 90 minutes to PHX and Sedona, hiking and healing happens naturally with wildlife friends.

Budget Sabbaticals  seasonal & retirement options

Private forest cabins offer privacy, views, personal yoga space, kitchen and bath. Resident dreamweaver, bodhi heart, invites you to share his forest retreat home for a personal 'silent yoga' meditation retreat--a spiritual awakening and emergence--and  healing recovery from stress, loss and abuse.


Silent Yoga stretch, dance, create & feel alive

'Silent yoga'  is a heart-guided, spiritual exploration into who we really are ...and what we really want. It invites us to stretch into : being at ease: no-thing to do, no-one to be, and no schedule to follow. It's about breathing, letting go and awake self awareness.

Spiritual Healing abuse, heartbreak, soul trauma 

Spiritual heartbreak, cultural wounds, personal abuse or sudden shock can trigger survival fears that fixate personal identity and beliefs. Silent yoga inspires healing and awakening true Self. Healing a lost sense of reality and Self helps us realize the joy and peace of being at ease with who you are what already is.



 --- To UNITE in yoga community

  --- To CREATE and sing together

  --- To HEAL one another

  --- To HELP and pray for all

  --- To CARE with open hearts

  --- To BE ONE in Love and Light 


'Music Masters' help us feel alive

Calling 12 Angels
AUTUMN update 9/1/22

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I'm  bodhi  heart, 78, Calling for the

         POWER of ONE

In 2017, I began to create these 2 websites

unaware my effort  was creating a sanctuary

for disheartened, displaced & disabled souls.


NOW IT'S TIME  to co-create with more ANGEL HEARTS ...and replace me

IT'S TIME  to weep, honor, pray, and trust LOVE takes us ALL the WAY 

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   "ALL THE WAY whatever that means. ALL THE WAY wherever it leads.  LISTEN TO YOUR HEART.  Love will take you all the way.

    "After all is said and done, in the end, it's love that leads us on. 

    "So when the cold wind blows and the Angels roar,  and the God of Mercy is knocking at your door, and your mind says no, but your Heart says, 'Carry me away,'


SAFE Sanctuary
LOVE will take us  ALL THE WAY

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MANAGING PARTNER, CO-FOUNDERS  Help Love find new ways - Leaders & Lovers invited

SOUL HEALERS, CARE GIVERS  Self-loving, yoga uniting, soul healing & heart awakening

NEW CONSTRUCTION Eldercare view homes

MAINTENANCE  Care-taking or trail-building


Explore SOUL Healing - Being True, Being You

FIND JOY & PEACE In open-hearted yoga union

JOIN OTHERS Healing souls & Awakening hearts

ANSWER CALL Help co-create  safe, sustainable, soul healing lives in a 'silent yoga' community

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Soul Trauma Healing
 WELCOME to Incoming Souls 


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Suggested Steps

WATCH videos  to SEE dreams & adventures

INQUIRE within.  FEEL  fear, longing & self-doubt 

APPLY  if ready.  EMAIL  your experience, healing, heartbreak and dreams 


 Answering Call With YOUR  Dreams, Experience, Heartbreak, & Healing

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