Thank you KIRTANA "Your music  leads us all  Home"

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WELCOME to my home

WELCOME to my mountain home--designed to share with others seeking safe refuge and nature's solitude. It's offered as a personal hermitage retreat and a place to recover from abuse, addiction, loss, stress and trauma.

AWAKENING SPIRIT is a safe refuge--Three private hermitage cabins on a forest hilltop near Sedona 

HEALING HEART is a forest sanctuary--Adjacent Tiny House log cabins for long-term trauma recovery

COVID-19 UPDATE I've retired, and Awakening Spirit now offers two options: 50% OFF for ANGEL stays (4 week min) or 100% OFF for HEROES R&R for frontline ICU, tribal, and elder care workers (1-3 week self quarantines)


FIND YOUR WAY HOME--to who you really are and what you really want--to sacred, awake awareness that naturally nurtures feeling safe and at ease in the present  moment ...before loss, trauma and fear were too much.


PLEASE WATCH WEBSITE VIDEOS before contact .  These music master spirit guides can help us to be at ease with who we are and with what simply is. We're all worth it. WE CAN ALL HELP each other to quiet self-aware living.


BE WELCOME HERE - Peter Makena
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  bodhi heart   dream weaver 



HERMITAGE  silent retreat center

Private Hermitages  personal log cabins

Awakening Spirit is a silent retreat center with private log cabin hermitages offering safe refuge for healing recovery, individual yoga, silent meditation, women's wellness, and soul recovery.

Popular self-guided personal retreats include exploring Sedona Red Rocks, hiking forest lakes, and relaxing with deer and elk. 

Affordable Retreats  awakening in silence

Private forest cabins offer privacy, views, personal yoga space, kitchen and bath. Resident dreamweaver, bodhi heart, invites you to share his forest retreat home for a personal 'silent yoga' meditation retreat--a spiritual awakening and emergence--and  healing recovery from stress, loss and abuse.

SILENT YOGA  personal retreats

Personal Yoga  stretch dance feel awaken

'Silent yoga'  is a heart-guided, spiritual exploration into who we really are ...and what we really want. It invites us to stretch into true authentic freedom: at ease with our self and what is. Nothing to do, no one to be, and no schedule to follow. It's all about breathing, letting go, discovery and awake awareness.

Soul Recovery  abuse, spiritual heartbreak 

Cultural wounding, personal abuse, sudden shock, and spiritual heartbreak can trigger survival fears that fixate personal identity and beliefs.  Soul recovery can help spiritual awakening, healing a lost sense of true self, and in realizing the joy and peace of just being at ease with what just is. Be Welcome Here


Covid-19 UPDATE   




   --- To UNITE in yoga community

   --- To CREATE and sing together

   --- To LOVE one another

   --- To HELP and pray for all

   --- To CARE with open hearts

   --- To BE ONE in Love and Light 

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  Soul Trauma Recovery

HELP LOVE find a way 

I'm bodhi heart, 76  Calling on the POWER of ONE to help heal


I was guided to build these sites 2 years ago not knowing my work finishes when COVID-19 changes our world


IT'S TIME  To replace me with younger ANGEL hearts

IT'S TIME  To weep, honor, pray, to BE ONE in Love & Light

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  Calling 12 Angels   

WELCOME to Incoming Souls

MANAGING PARTNER, CO-FOUNDER Help Love find a way - Inviting Leaders & Investors

SOUL HEALERS  CARE GIVERS  Guest support Yoga training, Soul trauma healing recovery

NEW CONSTRUCTION Children & Hospice Care MAINTENANCE  Caretaker & Trail Builders

Join a Healing Recovery  Stay Safe 

FIND JOY & PEACE Open-hearted yoga family

JOIN OTHERS Heal trauma & awaken awareness

EMAIL NOW Co-create safe SELF-SUSTAINING trauma healing community


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Answering Call 

Your Dreams & Experiences

Suggested Steps

Watch Videos  To see dreams and possibilities

Inquire Within  To open your Heart to joy & peace


Email Today  Offer  your  dreams & experiences for healing & helping others